Permanent Maintenance Works of about 16 km of Sections of the M-3 Road have been Completed


Permanent maintenance works on number of sections of the M-3, Margara-Vanadzor-Tashir-Armenian-Georgian border interstate highway with a total length of about 16 km have been completed (km 54+000-km 56+324, km 66+600-km 69+900, km 94+210-km 97+020‚ km 58+000-km 65+450).

The permanent maintenance works on these roads, passing through Aragatsotn region, were carried out by "Shinplus" LLC.

Road permanent maintenance works include the cleaning of side ditches, filling of sidewalls, pothole patching, implementation of asphalt concrete pavement (5 cm), installation of safety elements, road marking and other works. Project is financed from the state budget.

The mentioned road sections have been last renovated in the 1990s.